Manchester Fresh Pasta Delivery

We'll send everything you need to prepare a 5* pasta dish, including freshly made pasta, a delicious sauce & the perfect garnish.

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Now delivering our handmade fresh pasta kits to Manchester!

At Pasta By Post we know a thing or two about pasta. And how best to post it.

We're based in Somerset, where our pastai, Frederico and Luca, hand make everything to order. So the moment you click buy, they start thinking about how many grams of flour and how many eggs they need to pick up from the local farm.

Because that's how it works around here. Handmade fresh pasta and our delicious restaurant-quality sauces delivered from our kitchen to yours.

Here's how it works
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Your pasta, your rules

Choose from our menu of hand-rolled fresh pasta and restaurant-quality sauces. Our pastaios, Frederico & Luca will get straight to work.

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We'll be right with you

We deliver on Thursdays (more dates coming soon). Enjoy with 2 days or freeze. Our recipes take five minutes or less to make.

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Made to your taste

Think we could go heavier on the cheese but less on the garlic? Let’s have a chat – because there’s always room for improvement.

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